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There may also be specific guidance on your module area on Moodle or in the module handbook.

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If you have lost your SGUL student ID number, please contact the administration team on 020 7808 2551 / 2902.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How do I know I have uploaded my assignment successfully?
Once you have uploaded your assignment you will receive an automated email from TurnItIn stating that they have received your assignment (this will be sent to your primary email). If you are still concerned please call the Administration Office at the School and we can check your submission.
2 - Can I practice uploading my assignment?
Yes, we have created a section on Moodle called the “Similarity Test Area”, in this section you can upload your assignment as many times as you like, each time you will receive a “Similarity” percentage, enabling you to check your work for correct referencing etc.
3 - What does the Originality Report mean?
An Originality Report is an indication of similarities between a piece of work submitted by a student and a database of previously submitted work, websites and other sources. If a match is found TurnItIn will highlight the matching text and provide a summary on the Originality Report. The Originality Report is NOT a plagiarism report.
4 - How do I view my draft feedback?
Once you have logged onto Moodle go to the relevant module
• Click on the Draft Assignment Submission and Resources section - Draft Assignment Submission – My Submissions – click on your assignment
• Once you can see your assignment click on “GradeMark” in the top left-hand corner, you should then see your feedback on the right-hand side and also comments throughout your assignment.
• You can also print your assignment with feedback:
  • Click on the printer button in the bottom left-hand corner
  • Select “Download PDF of current view for printing”, this will open your assignment in a new window, you will then be able to save/print it.
5 - I have a 2 part submission do I need to upload 2 front sheets?
No, please upload 1 front sheet and ensure that this is attached to the written part of your assessment.
6 - What’s my submission title?
Please use your student ID number.
7 - When I look at the “Module Evaluation and Assignment Submission” section it states that I have an extension but I don’t, why is this?
Please do not worry; if you do not have an authorised extension then this will be for another student who studied on the same module, you can ignore this statement.
8 - When do I know my provisional result is available to view on Moodle?
You will receive an email from the Administration Office saying your provisional result is ready to view and instructions on how to access this.
9 - How do I find my provisional grade and feedback?
Please either follow the instructions in your email (as above) or the following:
  • On the Home page of Moodle click on your name in the top right hand corner and select “My Grades”
  • You will then see the “Overview report”, click on the name of the module that you are receiving your provisional result for
  • You will now see the “User report”, click on the Grade Item you wish to view
  • This will now take you to the submission page, your next step is to click on the ‘My Submissions’ tab. Click on your assignment title – this will take you to TurnItIn (it may take a few seconds)
  • To get your feedback you will need to press the ‘Grademark’ button in the top left of the screen, the button should turn blue, you will then see blue speech bubbles throughout your assignment and on the right of the screen in a text comment. There will be no marks on your assignment at this point as these will need to be ratified by the University.
  • 10 - How do I download my marked assignment?
    Once you have viewed your feedback on TurnItIn please follow these instructions to download your assignment:
    • Click on the printer button in the bottom left-hand corner
    • Select “Download PDF of current view for printing”, this will open your assignment in a new window, you will then be able to save/print it.
    11 - Why do I get a grade and not a mark?
    We follow St. George’s University regulations and as such you will only receive your mark once your result has been ratified.
    12 - Will my manager be informed of my grade/result?
    Your manager will receive a notification email 3 working days after you receive your provisional results email. The email to your manager will only state whether you passed / failed and details of the new submission date should you need a 2nd attempt. For students who are self-funding your manager will not receive an email.
    13 - When will I receive my mark?
    Once your provisional result has been ratified at the St.George’s University Exam Board you will receive a letter from them containing your ratified mark, grade and academic credits.
    14 - When will I receive my ratified result?
    Once your work has been through an exam board at St. George’s University you will receive your ratified result from them; this takes 6-8 weeks from the date of the exam board. This will then be posted to your home address – please advise the Administration Office of any changes to this.
    15 - Will my result be changed at the Exam Board?
    Provisional grades rarely change at the Exam Board. If you have any queries you should contact the Administration Office at the School (details below)
    16 - Why are there different sections for St. George’s and UEA?
    As we currently have students enrolled with both universities, both of which have different regulations, we need to set up the assignment section slightly differently to adhere to the individual institutions regulations. This in no way affects your studies.

    TurnItIn Information

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    Student User Manual Assignment Submission
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    Help and Support

    If you have any queries regarding your assignment (non-academic) please contact:

    Student Support Services 020 7808 2551 / 2902

    For all academic queries please contact your module leader.

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